Less Than 24 Hours After Release, Nintendo’s 3DS Has Been Hacked

The process of jailbreak-ing smart-phones and hammering security on console gaming rigs like the xbox 360 console has turned into a big media magnet with gambling news outlets. More to the point, it’s become a thorn from the paw of the hardware and software giants at the front end of the hackers’ ire.

Today a rumor is circulating that the other system little the dust: significantly less than 24 hours after its Japanese launch, Nintendo’s 3DS handheld has already been deciphered.

Though it required several years after homescapes hack launch to wholly hack Sony’s PS3, a handheld capsule process is not as of a struggle concerning skipping around security measures (notably with how far the 3DS has in common with the first few productions of the DS.) This particular hack was managed with a very simple little device called the R4 flashcart, a DS card reader used for storage and copying of match data; once some of the info inside the 3DS’ firmware was changed to the hackers’ preferences, it was simple to duplicate any game on a sterile cartridge.

It’s likely the hackers responsible may have an easy time of making those bootleg copies working over the 3DS, meaning yet another notch on the bedpost of match pirates around the world. Much much like Xbox Live and PSN, we can get heavyhanded security measures to be thrown from Nintendo’s Powers that Be in the coming weeks.

But in most probability, the hackers may view this as more of a struggle to succeed instead of hurdle. Much like the PlayStation 3, those responsible for drawing the wrath of those developers only found new loopholes to crawl throughout when their initial options were also closed. Of course when suits couldn’t stem the wave of copyright infringements and cracking that’s gone on within the past couple of years, it doesn’t look like anything’s going to tamp down the geek rebels.

Sometimes conceding defeat could be the only way to come out with whatever left, yet it will not look like there’s any sort of triumph to get Nintendo to pull using this one. The 3DS is still very green, so we’ll see what sort of defense they are able to cook up in the months to come.

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